KJV Courier Services (KJV) was founded in 1993 by President, Lisa Pileggi. Bringing more than 35 years experience in the business world with a legal background, she works closely with Vice President, Victor Pileggi, who brings more than 40 years of business and courier experience to KJV.

KJV is a woman-owned and privately held family run courier business and registered corporation, in the City of Toronto since 1993. From our humble beginnings to our current growth and success, KJV has positioned itself as a leader in the courier industry. Our reputation for personalized and customized services has set us apart from our competition by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.

KJV provides a “World of Courier Services” and a “One-Stop Shop” for all your courier needs. With 28+years of experience and industry-specific knowledge, KJV’s strong team of professionals, our highly trained employees, support teams, certified drivers and independent operators are all committed, dedicated and have a direct impact on providing excellent services to our customers. We all have a personal stake in the administration of our courier products and services as it affects our business and theirs.

KJV provides diverse, value-driven, flexible courier services. From a variety of overnight and same day service levels, KJV provides local, Canada, US, international and worldwide services. In addition to our own drivers and independent operators, KJV also utilizes the services of a nationally recognized courier company to provide additional products and services to ensure competitive rates, quality, to support your business globally. We also have a proven track record in the successful planning and implementation of customized accounts, tailored courier services and streamlining logistical expenditures. Our direct hands-on approach meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

KJV’s strengths make us distinctively positioned to fill all the needs of our customers. KJV knows that the success of any undertaking is close communication with the customer, the ability and willingness to think outside the box and provide comprehensive, cost savings solutions for them. Identifying the customer’s needs and accommodating them is an area where KJV excels.

KJV is continuously looking to improve and expand the services we offer and provide maximum value and expertise to our customers all the while slowing the growth of courier expenditures. Continuing to work together in close partnership with them, KJV continues to provide the highest level of commitment and service we have delivered to date.

In order to better service our customers, KJV’s presence on the internet at www.kjvcourier.com is growing again. We are now expanding our technological systems and services by implementing new innovative courier software to provide our customers the latest revolutionized technology with new updates, better performance, speed and the most user-friendly features which will allow all exchange of data through Electronic Data Interface. This new software will allow our customers to connect with KJV through a more feature-rich and easy to use interface to place orders conveniently and securely through the web. Once logged on and an order is placed, the system will provide immediate information from the desktop, a mobile application and technical support 24/7 for auto pricing, confirm order status, real-time on-line tracking/tracing services, invoice and reporting, and other related information and documentation.

KJV’s mission is to be an industry leader who will “Deliver Your World”. Our success is the growth of our long-term relationships with customers, employees and independent operators. They are our Source and Purpose of our very existence and we will serve them with all their logistic needs offering excellence and value and uncompromising customer satisfaction in all that we do.

At the heart of KJV’s vision: To be the Logistics Company most sought out for its people, services and performance and earning the privilege to serve our customers again and again.

KJV’s power to success is its people-customers-first philosophy. We have great people with great values who help us achieve our mission. Our passion is service and your satisfaction is our success. Our people also derive this commitment and dedication by following our values and beliefs fundamental in accomplishing our vision.

C Communication, Listening and Feedback

U Uncompromising Integrity and Urgency

S Service, Quality and Commitment

T Teamwork, Technology and Systems

O Ownership and Long-term Partnerships

M Mentoring, and Leading by Example

E Excellence and Innovation

R Respect and Gratitude

S Social Responsibility

KJV’s experience is our advantage. Our business has developed through our reputation for close, personalized working relationships with all our customers, ensuring we always met and exceed their needs and expectations.

KJV always goes above and beyond and stands out and above our competition.